Virus Water-Based Mastery

Master VIRUS Water-Based printing with this comprehensive training program

Everything You Need to Master VIRUS Water-Base Inks With Confidence and Profitability.

Online Video Lessons

Expert video instruction delivered over a 4 week period. Watch on phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Each week has multiple 6-10 minute lessons that are easy to consume, anywhere.

Digital art files

Access to the private Facebook VIRUS WB Community

Weekly Open Coaching Calls, and complimentary 2 Day Live printing (space is limited on a first come basis.)

 Learn the deep ins and outs to truly master water-based printing with confidence and profit.



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While were sending you the guide, feel free to checkout our Halftone Mastery program we offer. It has hundreds of videos broken down into small digestible chucks to improve every aspect of your Halftones. 


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