Halftone Mastery Course

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Full 12 week Halftone Mastery Course on the Science of Screen printing

Getting to Know and See Color

You can’t print color or halftones unless you know how to see color and describe it. The vast majority of printers AND artists FAIL in this department. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily see color and convert it to numbers that are meaningful to the computer. You’ll be amazed at how easy this important lesson is.

Elements of Color Separation Theory

You can’t print great color unless you know how the separations are created. Take a peek behind the curtain and learn what MUST be in every color sep before you put ink on the screen. You’ll come away with a much better understanding and appreciation of the software and seps you work with.

Separation Color Set-Up

A lot has changed in the last couple of years. CMYK is coming back strong again due to the rise of DTG. You’ll learn how to set-up your files so the digital proof matches the screen printed run. You’ll also learn how to load the ink values based on the inks you are using, critical to great color.

All About Halftones

This is a deep lesson that covers conventional and stochastic halftones, dot shape, angle, frequency, angle sets, and more. You’ll learn what the best combinations are for maximum color and control. You’ll also learn what dot shapes to avoid and which ones work the best.

Mesh Technology

Mesh selection and tensioning are two of the critical foundations of great halftones printing. Learn why mesh is different even if it has the same thread count, what tensions will give you the best results and where things go out of control.

Press Set-Up

You can’t just throw a set of halftone screens on the press and get good results. Proper calibration and registration are essential for good halftone results. You’ll learn what you need to do to get your equipmentent in top printing form.

All About Dot Gain

Dot Gain is one of the two biggest areas all printers struggle with. It is the single biggest reason your images look dull, dark, and dead.Learn about physical and optical dot gain and how to manage ANY amount of gain, whether on an auto press or manual press.

All About Moiré

Anyone who has EVER tried to print halftones has come across Moiré. This is an extremely complex and mysterious subject and we go deep. You may never be able to fully eliminate moiré, but you’ll have a whole range of ways to minimize and manage this beast.


Job documentation is one of the things that separates the true pros from everyone else. While no one likes to spend time doing the paperwork, you’ll quickly discover just how important this overlooked step of the process is. You’ll learn exactly what you need to keep track of and why.

Everyone starts out struggling with halftone printing. The good news is, in just a few short weeks, you'll be cranking out great looking prints your customers will LOVE!


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